The Crown Collection

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Introducing The Crown Collection" – your ticket to luscious curls.

This amazing bundle comes with not one, not two, but FIVE full-size products specifically crafted to make your curls pop, shine, and slay!

Start with our... 

*Moisturizing Cleanser with ACV for a luxurious deep cleanse.

Follow it up with the...

*Triple Threat Conditioning Treatment to provide that softness, and the ultimate hydration boost.

Now, let's talk styling – 

*Intense Hydration Curl Creme defines curls of all types and offers a medium to firm hold. It is designed to define and perfect your twist, braid, and bantu-knot out styles.

*LUXE Defining Gel is your tried and true go-to for that wash-and-go wonder. It is formulated to hold your curls in a shiny, moisture -rich cast that's never crunchy. It is masterfully crafted to give your curls a firm yet flexible hold.

But wait, there's more! Seal the deal with...

*LUXE Golden Hair Elixir," a multi-purpose, cure-all oil that adds an extra touch of golden glamor to your crown!    

That's a whole lot of crown love right there!