About Founder/CEO of CoCoBella Natural


 Renae Williams, Founder and CEO of CoCoBella Natural

I discovered there were chemicals in the products I was using to relax my hair that was most likely contributing to my respiratory issues and had played a major role in the fibroid tumors I developed.  If that wasn’t enough, my hair was thinning terribly and falling out in record numbers. I had to make a choice to either continue using harsh chemicals to maintain an appearance of straight hair or get serious about attacking my health issues. Obviously, I chose health over straight hair.

Wearing my hair in its natural state was something I had not done since I was a kid.  I had limited knowledge about natural hair care and didn’t speak the natural hair language. But I knew that if I wanted to improve my health, relaxers were no longer an option. 

I Big Chopped (BC) on June 16, 2012. 

Educating myself about natural hair care became my passion.  Knowledge is Indeed Power, not just a cliché. During my own natural hair journey transformation, I developed a desire to help other women who found themselves on a path to natural hair by choice or circumstance. I began to blog about natural hair, started a YouTube channel and formed a natural hair support group, where I encouraged women to love themselves and their hair.  It is a fact that most of how a woman views/feels about herself is tied to her hair. Her self-esteem is literally connected to her hair. 

My main goal is to help women un-learn some of the negative stereotypes surrounding natural hair; to dismiss what society has taught us about our hair. To refuse to believe that it is ugly, unkept, and unprofessional.  I want them to realize the beauty in their hair and understand how uniquely different and beautiful it is from anyone else. I want them to learn to care for their hair passionately, to transform it from something they want to hide from into something that screams Confidence, without having to utter a single word. I want them to make it THE BEST it can be.

I believe in order to achieve healthy hair, it is essential that it be sufficiently Hydrated. 

With proper care, you can achieve thriving, healthy, hydrated hair regardless of what number/letter combination you feel you most relate to.

Renae Williams