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Will this product grow your hair?

Hair grows from the roots but giving your head a clean healthy foundation can also help.  Product alone does not grow your hair, healthy hair habits do.  Although it is very important to use products with quality ingredients, yu still have to develop a consistent hair care regimen to assist.  Our products are formulated to help your hair achieve and maintain moisture and hydration.  Hydrated hair experiences less dryness and breakage and therefore retains length.

What’s the best way to achieve a wng?

Everyone’s wng go will be different.  The health of your hair, length, density, hydration, and technique and yes product determine the results of your wng.

Are these products found in stores?

Currently our products are only available online.

How good is this product on 4C?

Our products are not texture or type discriminate.  They were formulated to work on all hair types.  Understanding what your hair needs are,is the key to success.  We have to realistic in our expectations.