Cleanse 2 Create Combo Includes (Cleanser/Shampoo & Curl Creme)

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Sometimes you just want to skip to the good part.

So, you've had a busy week, there's very little time left in your day to complete your regular routine, and you want to get straight into creating that fabulous style.

Well Sis, we've got you!

CoCoBella Natural has made it possible for you to do just that.

Our winning two-step combo will take you directly from cleansing to styling without sacrificing hair health. Our Moisturizing Cleanser w/acv offers you a lavish deep cleanse and our Intense Hydration Curl Creme is packed with all the moisturizing and defining properties your curls need to stay popping!

When you didn't come to play, you've gotta have that style right now, and sacrificing moisture and hydration is not an option, Our Cleanse 2 Create Combo will get you all the way together.



Your combo includes:

*8 oz Moisturizing Cleanser w ACV

*8 oz Intense Hydration Curl Creme


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