I took this picture after I did a wng (wash n go) and posted it on social media. Some of the comments on the post prompted these thoughts.
I get asked all of the time what my hair Type and Texture is?
My answer is pretty much always the same “I don’t really subscribe to the number/letter hair typing system”. I don’t find the value in it. A lot of us still relate texture to good hair or bad hair, and I don’t believe in that and it concerns me.
If you say 4a you’re judged if you say 4c you’re judged.
Good Grief! 
I have had people tell me that taking care of my hair is easy and they discount and dismiss the effort that goes into maintaining healthy hair, all because they assume I have a certain type or texture.
I have had discussions with Sisters who think they’re doomed and destined to fail with their haircare because they fit into the 4c category …they see that as a negative and use it as an excuse to not even try. This breaks my heart.
With as far as we’ve come in the Natural Hair movement and the fact that Natural Curls are starting to take over and run the world, some of us are still stuck. It’s like the more things change, the more they stay the same. Le’sigh 
Although hair typing systems seem to have a place in our community (for some 🤷🏾‍♀️), it is Not the End of the discussion.
I say all of that to say THIS.
Charisma (My Hair’s name) is multi-textured.
Yep, 4a,b, & c, mostly b & c, okay mostly c or whatever, and I bet if asked, none of you would have guessed that I have any 4c hair.
Why is this important?
It’s important because it proves that no matter what category you most closely relate to, no matter what products you use, YOU still have to put forth Consistent Time and Effort (some more time than others) to achieve and maintain healthy hair.
There is no magic potion, there is no light at the end of the tunnel … YOU ARE THE LIGHT!!
In my humble opinion, the first steps you need to take towards appreciating your natural hair journey are to:
1. Fall In Love with yourself (THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT). Stop measuring your Beauty and your Curls against another woman. Resolve that EVERY natural’s curls are unique to her, but they’re all Beautiful.
2. You need a good, positive support system — a Tribe, so to speak. They will come in handy when you start to doubt your decision because most of us will get there at one point or another.
3. Equally as important as 1&2, Learn Your hairs’ porosity (how your hair receives and maintains moisture) this will help you determine what type of products work best for you … not Brands, but actual products …
i.e. heavy oils vs light oils or none, gels vs creams or custards, mousse, etc. You won’t be able to know that by looking at someone else’s hair.
4. Create AND Commit to a regular regimen, even if you have to tweak it along the way……and please know that Water is to your hair as oxygen is to your lungs…it needs it to live.

5. When you aren’t feeling your prettiest, walk-in confidence anyway. If you don’t have the confidence yet, fake it til you Make it. When your twistout, wng, or bantu knot out, are not as bomb as you had hoped, NOBODY knows that except you. Put your shoulders back, your chest out, your head up high, Step out into the world, and ROCK IT LIKE YOU MEANT IT.

Thanks for joining My Ted Talk 🥰